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Spring / Summer Trends

< Strive for self-improvement daily >

The belief on happiness existing in our daily lives has vanished, accelerating the fear of isolation and reducing our sense of value to rubble at the same time.
It is thus now time to confront our fundamental nature as human beings. In search of how we should live amid such desolation, we should strive to cultivate ourselves, improve our daily lives, clean up society, and brighten the world, namely polish everything starting with the self… by coexisting with nature. Let us polish and cultivate our talent, to bring out the true strength and ensure a brighter, happier future.

An evolved, embellished palette with vivacious translucency awash with creative and energetic capacity.

Recalling Sweet Memories
photo_Recalling Sweet Memories

Whimsically inconceivable memories of nostalgia spring to mind. Memories, so ephemeral and fairylike, reminiscent of a romantic moment and a tender sweet first love, resemble a pretty little girl, or virtuous lady. Dim and distant vistas of euphoria, cocooned in the shade. Evoking sensual bitter glitter, embedded in memories that go far beyond the blurred boundary in mind.

Colours :
Light-sweet pastels reminiscent of a love romance and connoting tender and bitter memories.

Personal Moment
photo_Personal Moment

The time to oneself starts ticking as everyday life proceeds. A personal moment to brighten oneself up and get away from daily routines. Total freedom of secrecy for monologues, make-ups or fashion to rejoice. Time devoted to the self… for recovery of human nature, the infusion of fresh inspiration and discovery of profound individuality. Growing in ultimate privacy while healing and relaxing the inner self.

Colours :
A soft-greyish harmonised tonality with lucency. Cool basics for a simple yet nonchalant nature free of boredom.

Summery Serenad
photo_Summery Serenade

A Japanese rite of seasonal purification, cherishing the passage of spring to summer, with a nuance of bracing feelings to retain over warmer months. Pre-summery fresh greenery starts to diminish, yielding to dewy nature, while the capricious weather achieves harmony with refreshing sun rays over a cool breeze. A mid-year interval to caress nature, reaching out to an Elysium. A pre-summery myth prior to the intense burning heat waves.

Colours :
A purified gradation of greenery that is refreshing and soothing in tune with a variation of blues. Earthy-pastels blended with breezy, dewy air, alongside natural-misty hues.

Soulful Expression
photo_Soulful Expression

A summer laced in dazzling and blazing sun… kaleidoscopic and sensational. Delightfully eliminating preconceived ideas and thoughts,like a phantasmagoric etranger, manipulating time and space in a twine of adventurous tales. Parti-coloured talent. Overexciting rhythm. A soul-stirring tide between emotional conflicts and passion behind glorious, ravishing creativity. An enchanted glow unfolding on a smiling face escorting us to a beat of exclamation !

Colours :
An enticing shiny-mirrored palette enlivened with wilderness. Intensely vivid and dark tones celebrating profound excitement, via an audacious and liberated rhythm.


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