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Privacy Policy

Japan Fashion Week Organization manage the personal information of the users visiting our website with the utmost caution.

Concept of Japan Fashion Week Organization concerning protecting personal information and requests are outlined below.

[1] Collection of Personal Information

Those users visiting the ptjapan.com website may kindly be requested, on an as needed basis, to arbitrarily provide names, e-mail addresses and other personal information. At the time when Japan Fashion Week Organization ask users to provide personal information, prior notification will be made from Japan Fashion Week Organization of the specific purpose of use and information details to be provided by users.

[2] Management of Personal Informat

Japan Fashion Week Organization will stringently manage the personal information collected via the ptjapan.com website. Unless otherwise required by the law, principally Fashion Strategy Forum will never disclose the user’s personal information to any third party.
Japan Fashion Week Organization will take precautionary measures against unauthorized accesses to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, and at the same time in the event that such an incident should arise, Japan Fashion Week Organization will take remedial action immediately.

[3] Use of Personal Information

Japan Fashion Week Organization will use personal information to enhance the services of the ptjapan.com website, and will never use the information for the purpose beyond the confines of necessity. Japan Fashion Week Organization will use the information within the confines of necessity along the purpose of the above activities concerned by way of legal and impartial measures.

[4] Direct Mailing

Japan Fashion Week Organization may deliver information deemed to be beneficial to users, only for those users giving Japan Fashion Week Organization prior consent, through e-mail or postal mail to the address (e-mail or postal address) registered as personal information.
Users are able to withdraw at any given time their consent.

[5] Cookies

Cookies are text files of capability to save user’s information to the user’s browser that enables the user to save work by reentry and display the most optimum contents to the user. The ptjapan.com website employs this technology when required. Please take note that with no advance notice the described information on the ptjapan.com website will be subject to change, or to be revised in accordance with rational need predicted on possible changes of internet technology.

[6] Inquiries on Handling Personal Information

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