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Spring / Summer Trends

< Restart with the Heart >

We, as Japanese, are questioned as to how we should further maintain human strength towards the future, facing earth-shaking, unprecedented disaster, and disrupting the basis of our lives. What are we capable of, under such circumstances? To be deeply immersed in something, to laugh or love, touch and cherish the beauty we encounter.

The earth is one.

All we can do is wish for a better tomorrow than today, by respecting our one and only Earth wholeheartedly. Let us step forward by restarting our lives for a better future. Love comforts us, while beauty heals us, nature, as power itself, revitalises us, whereas fashion functions as an essential, mental tranquilizer. Let us recharge our batteries by encountering beautiful, marvellous and pleasant elements… for an ever-brighter future.

photo_Summer Valentine
Summer Valentine      - Celestial Romance -  (乞巧节)

A summery romance of the galaxy, originating from an ancient legend of China. Remodernising the Star Festival tale with contemporary dynamism, by casting an enchanting glance at an imaginative moment over the sky. Look up to the eastern sky, where the two stars, Altair and Vega, move to reunite across the Milky Way once a year, while falling in love with the celestial fantasy over the galaxy.
Colours :
Accumulated exuberant, dusky bluish hues, married into cool, pellucid-darkish tonality and navigating to an estival fantasy.

photo_Artistic Picnic
Artistic Picnic

Arts awash with rustic, ingenious looks, reflecting a 2- or 3-dimensional nature, or maybe one that is primitive. Stray into a forest of artwork and enjoy a visionary picnic, feeling a shower of stimulating creativity and courage. Stroll through foliage of inspirations, paving the way for the here and now and progressively seeking the magnitude of art.
Colours :
An innovative palette of neo-natural dyed blocks, imbued with pristine warmth and reflecting intense art mindful perception.

photo_Feminine Might
Feminine Might

A focus on the magnetic charm exuded by today's women of power. A multi-facetted analysis of the contemporary dynamism that is exclusive to energetic women. Let us praise the attitude shown by this female positivity, built on resilience and determined willpower,alongside individual and unconventional values,evolving to reach the highest stage in terms of styling, fashion, and sensitivity.
Colours :
A modish alliance of vivid, alluring tones and a feminized palette with an air of rationality.

photo_Structural Space
Structural Space

Creating pleasant surroundings awash with abundant natural rays and latitude, in a bold, sensitive and healing style, to fit individual lifestyles. A philosophy of an environment around axes of nature, society, and human psychology to form a spatial openness; namely reflecting a structure comprising creativity and sensitivity.
Colours :
Post-natural shades sharply harmonised with neutral tonality, conjuring the spatial profundity of an urban oasis.


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