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Since globalisation and overseas strategy are keys to future business, the Japanese apparel market remains one of the largest and most attractive of its kind. Apparel manufacturing based on highly refined sense and quality would not have been easy without Japanese fabrics created with high quality and added value in the long history. Regarding domestic production, however, the hollowing-out phenomenon continues, and Japan is dependent on imports for most of its supplies, facing the severe reality of an accelerating decline in domestic textile producing regions. Material procurement in the domestic market is thus limited, hence the increased demand for business opportunities with leading overseas textile makers.

With the above in mind, we will start recruiting overseas exhibitors with high technical expertise, aiming to ensure the continued supply of Japanese apparel made with high creativity, sensibility, and quality. Mature Japanese markets require not only stable quality but continuous originality while apparel makers constantly seek business partners.

This textile business negotiation salon will provide a business-matching platform targeting the convergence of domestic and overseas top buyers and suppliers. Be part of this high quality show and extend your business opportunities !

Name of the exhibition : Premium Textile Japan 2012 Spring/Summer photo_Premium Textile Japan 2012 Spring/Summer 01
Dates : May 11 - 12, 2011 (Wed.-Thu.)
Organiser : Japan Fashion Week Organisation (JFW)
Venue : Aoyama Tepia(1,200 m²)
Stadium Place Aoyama(1,200 m²)
Visitors : Buyers only

photo_Premium Textile Japan 2012 Spring/Summer 02

* Location of the venue

Aoyama is a fashion centre of Tokyo, where branded shops, hip cafes/restaurants, and refined shops all converge, as well as being home to numerous offices of designers' maisons.

* Participant eligibility criteria

· Limited to companies selling textiles or textile related materials (no group participation admitted)
  · To have a clear indication of the price/quality (batch) / delivery time of the products and possess an organised sales system.
  · To be capable of planning and presenting newly-developed products on a continuous basis.

* Participation fee (provisional) ··· JPY420,000 (incl. tax) / booth  * subject to change
  The participation fee includes: (provisionally)

· Booth space (W3m×D2m = 6m²)
  · Unified package booth (installation / dismantling)
Basic fittings (fascia board, carpet, lights, table, chair, lockable cabinet, hanger rod)
  · Listing in the fair catalogue and on the web-site
  · Visitor invitation cards (100 pcs./company)

* Application deadline : No later than Mar. 8, 2011 (Tue.)

Please be informed that we may be unable to accept your application, even before the above deadline, due to the exhibition size (comprising approx. 100 companies).

* Post-application procedure :
  Submission of materials required for screening/jury

· Documents for jury (to be submitted either in English/Japanese)
(Previous records as exhibitor/new product development capability/sales capability/management system)
  · Company brochure/catalogue etc.
  · Products handled (a few fabric swatches to be submitted)

Submission deadline : no later than Mar. 8, 2011
  - Expedition of Exhibitor Manual : Mar. 18, 2011
  - Deadline for payment of participation fee : Apr. 11, 2011



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