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2013 Autumn/Winter Trends

< Truthful Wisdom >
What the world believed to be values have been torn asunder, turning the sense of values upside down. In the words of Nietzsche ‘theory comes out from the process of actions, hence the value will only be accompanied by the next action’, emphasizing the predominance of the same.
      We should therefore decide the way forward, act with a challenging spirit and with no fear of failure.
      No risk means no action and no end result.
      NOW is the decisive moment.
Let us strive to lead more delightful and enriched lives, in search of hope for tomorrow !
A hybrid of matured brilliance and sophisticated natural hues, subtly blended and forming a neo-sensed palette, wafting enriched sensitivity through highly saturated tones.

- Virtual Tour -
  - Improvised Composition -
photo_Virtual Tour On a virtual tour, full of elation! A tour à la mode flying freely the world over, transcending boundaries of time, nationality and region..., releasing oneself, vibrantly reflecting contemporary emotions awash with comfort and aspirations. A voyage to stay sleek, supple and aesthetic, never rusted and true to oneself.Be a dreamer to experience a new trip, with an energetic and brilliant mindset !   photo_Improvised Composition A fascination of the instant excitement and thrill, irreplaceable with any other time. An improvisational rhythm in tune with physical state, mood, or feelings, and in an atmosphere where the audience and players fuse, intertwine and resonate. A lively ad-hoc time to share and swing...  and the one and only performance beginning in an instant glow! A scene gets underway, surely different from yesterday, so let us step up to the stage, to seek and encounter such aesthetic value.

- Voiceless Verse -
  - Fragrant Foliage -
photo_Voiceless Verse A universe of profound serenity. An absolute extravagance unhindered by any being, imparting a quest for existence, hence, the meaning of the extreme state of life itself. Wordless conversations facing such limits of life, and hope lying ahead. A style with determination and sustaining respect for personal philosophy.
A connection with nature. The extreme state of nothingness. Clouds of bliss. A mine of life’s abundance. It is a soundless poesy of determined spirituality, beauteous yet rigorous... namely a homage to the ultimate indulgence of spiritual innerness.
  photo_Fragrant Foliage Fragrance drifts in the air through the passing of time. What can fragrance be… ? Its secrecy has a super sensual magnetic charm. Whether it be a supplier of intimate and soothing senses, or a mental relaxant through spiritual resonance for inner embellishment. The intoxicating, seductive nature of scent... Mysterious foliage of fragrance, sweetness and quaintness, density and profundity intermingled, diffused and piled up in layers... like spiritual essence applied, calling for sensibility.

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