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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO
PTJ2014SS - Highlighting fabrics of appeal from exhibitors / company profiles -

Introducing PTJ-highlighted fabrics alongside exhibitors categorised by our original textile trend themes ‘JFW TEXTILE VIEW’ and directed by the JFW Textile Division.

Trend 1.
The theme is ‘Recalling Sweet Memories’ ... featuring romantic fabrics with dual and contradictory elements, at once both angelic and diabolic, to be enjoyed. Romantic fabrics awash with opposing natures recalling the flexibility and creativity of childhood; sensitivity - audacity / ephemerality - intensity / nostalgia - novelty / sweetness - toughness.

photo_Trend-1 The theme is ‘Recalling Sweet Memories’

photo_Romantic fabrics

See-through knits
  TOWA KNIT CO., LTD. presents knits using mainly yarns that are tremendously difficult to apply for manufacturers targeting cost/efficiency; an extra-fine filament nylon series with unrivalled softness and refinement. (>>> dot-motif tulle and a power-net of extra-fine, durable nylon yarn), bright toned rayon tulle series, using a ‘colouring leader‘ item perfect for accentuating. (>>> tulle made of fine rayon boasting a unique crisp feel and bright tonality to emphasize freshness), and avant-garde tulle with finishing, evoking the sensation, ‘What on earth is this?’. All these originally developed items are awash with both sensitivity and audacity.

Spotlight on cellulose fibre thanks to its exceptional chromogenicity and design
  MEIRIN SENI CO., LTD. will present < JIST CELLULSE (cellulose) > to buyers, highlighting 3 items < viscose >, < cupro >, and < acetate >, to promote the particularity of cellulose nature; outstanding texture and drapery, as well as brilliant chromogenicity.
< shrink-resistant viscose >, < full-dull cupro >, and < hi-multi acetate > are items excelling in both design and functionality, which we use exclusively as fashion items among other cellulose fibres.

New lace line-up
  Lace is an indispensable component when coordinating spring/summer outfits, reflecting the abundance of lace makers exhibiting in this fair. TSURUGA SENI CO., LTD. Showcases trendy, neo-sensed embroidery laces based on upcoming trends, exploiting production at their own factory. FUTABA LACE CO., LTD. also has a factory in Fukui where they develop Japan-made raschel lace to be handled in small batches, while KYOWA LACE CO., LTD. will be presenting their new sample book, the preview issue of which is scheduled for May. Please check out their new products, including the airy yet taut Andaria chemical lace. KATSUMI CO., LTD. maintains a constant stock of 1,400 original braid lace samples and will be showcasing approx. 100 newly developed items, including enamel, shaggy linen, and linen cord yarn for SS 2014.

Silk fabrics with transparency
  DOKOH SHOJI CO., LTD, specialized in silk, is constantly developing original silk items based on a wealth of experience and concrete technicity. ‘Playing transparency’ is an item reflecting the clear and sheer nature of filament silk among multiple variations proposed. Conversely, SAIEI ORIMONO CO., LTD., a specialist yarn-dyed silk textile maker, showcases yarn-dyed organza, using the world’s finest yarns.

Trend 2
The theme is ‘Personal Moment’ ... featuring constantly evolving authentic and basic fabrics made to marry comfort with modernity and trends

photo_Trend-1 The theme is ‘Personal Moment’

photo_Modern and cool

Use of premium materials
  CREATE TSUSHIMA is devoted to casual wool products using top-quality materials and compound fabrics blending natural fibres including wool and synthetic fibres for that premium feel. These proven and premium fabrics, available in a sleek embodiment allied to a pleasant rustic feel, with an anti-wrinkle finish and a fluffy touch and feel, are among the show highlights this time.

Functional fabrics as part of the quest for comfort
  Fashion fabrics must meet other needs than trends alone. Reflecting this, TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. will be showcasing selected synthetic textiles featuring highly-functional covering products with tried and tested cutting-edge technology.
< Bodyshell Dry > offers a fresh and comfortable feel on a quick sweat-absorbent/diffusing fabric, non-transparent for underwear, even in white or pale colours.
< Dot Air > is a comfortable item, featuring a lightweight mesh design and exceptional breathability while < Feelfit > incorporates a natural fibre feel alongside texture-retaining functions such as quick-dry/water absorption, stretchability, UV prevention and morphological stability, extending the creative potential when using new synthetic fibres.

Premium quality natural fabrics
  YAMAZAKI TEXTILE CO., LTD. produces textiles such as cotton with all three key elements in hand (so-called sacred treasures), namely fine yarn count / high density / hard twist yarn. Always in stock are around 150 marks (types) of grey fabrics and 100 marks (types) of base fabrics for quick-response printing/bleaching. Compound / mixed-weave fabrics, voile textiles with unrivalled yarn counts and cellulose fibre will be showcased as new standardized items to satisfy natural tastes with premium quality. FURUHASHI WEAVING CO., LTD., specializing in unique cottons made with low-speed shuttle looms, will exhibit newly developed items. These include blends of cotton and silk yarns, alongside < Buff Cloth > with unique tension/firmness thanks to the use of camellia oil for the finish.
MORIKIKU CO., LTD. will focus its exhibits on natural fibre fabrics in an effort to express the gentle Japanese sensitivity in their texture.

Clean-faced aspect
  UNI TEXTILE CO., LTD. is a fabric producer based on the motto ‘small-lot – diversified items’, persisting in Japan quality. Centring on fine ladies’ fabrics, their offerings will include triacetate, taffeta for coats, and taffeta prints in particular, featuring premium quality for the S/S 2014 season.。

Trend 3.
The theme is ‘Summery Serenade’ ... fabrics inspired by and seemingly born from nature, conveying a pleasant and sleek feel akin to the early summer air.

photo_Trend-3 The theme is ‘Summery Serenade’

photo_Comfortable and pleasant feel

Natural fabrics with clarity
  < Filcot > by TATSUMI WEAVING CO., LTD. is a double-woven material featuring both filament- and staple-type warp yarns and a reversible high-density fabric, boasting both a clean surface and a natural taste. Compact materials, including various blends of polyester, cupro and cotton alongside a wide-ranging set of items, some with vintage finishes, will feature as specialties this time.

Denim of utmost comfort
  KAIHARA CORPORATION will showcase ‘Made in Japan’ denim from an all-inclusive production system in Japan boasting thoroughly managed quality control and knowhow.
< Motion Fit Denim > is an item that fits the physical motions of specific weaving for supple texture and elasticity while < Powder stretch denim > uses extra-fine polyester in the weft followed by treated nap-raising for utmost comfort and a super-soft powder touch.
DUCK TEXTILE CO., LTD. will showcase new products, including denims with an extra-fine yarn count - 100/2 Supima yarn - alongside double-woven textile denim.
Around 500 denim products from their catalogue are also available in small-lot orders / prompt delivery.
SAKAMOTO DENIM CO., LTD., which marks its 121st foundation anniversary, will be showcasing indigo-dyed products, a unique product only made possible thanks to accumulated tradition.

‘ Made in Japan’ stoles … for a high-end casual category

TAKASAWA TEXTILE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. From Nagano Prefecture, will showcase a range of items from its tie-up with a raw material maker, featuring quality yarns from quality raw materials for matchless end products. These include: < Marshmallow stole > created from top-grade cashmere cotton silk with ultimate softness, ‘ Dhaka-no-kiri’ (The fog of Dhaka), and ‘Heian-no-kasane-stole’ (Heian inspired kasane -stole), reminiscent and in homage to one of most beautiful cotton fabrics, believed to be finer than silk, called ‘Dhaka Muslin’ found in India in the 19th century. Crescend Yonezawa from the district of the same name is known for its attractive and sensitive stoles, created using specialized yarn-dying techniques, such as double/triple weaves and jacquard, Yoryu (crepe) yarns and corkscrew yarns. AOKI-ORIKOUGEI CO., LTD. from Kiryu and ITONONE from Yamanashi will also have products of their original silk stoles respectively on show.

Trend 4.
The theme is ‘Soulful Expression’ ... a summer embraced by a dazzling and blazing sun.With a special focus on functional fabrics awash with stimulating and futuristic elements,alongside expressive fabrics with rhythmic and playful allure.

photo_Trend-1 The theme is ‘Soulful Expression’

photo_Expressive looks

Trendy jacquard
  CLOTH JAPAN will showcase summery fabrics retaining both functional and sensitive aspects, such as ‘cotton voile borders’ and ‘cotton lawn jacquard’. OKATEX CO., LTD. is involved in developing giant-patterned jacquard for ladies wear fashion; ‘see-through reversible’ fabrics for skirts, with translucency exposing patterns through organza/mesh, alongside a refined collection including two-way ‘stretch satin jacquard’ and ‘acetate jacquard with lamé’. MARUMAN INC. has developed jacquard with a bold yet muted surface effect by analysing a complex texture, who will showcase new items boasting innumerable optical effects under the themes of ;< micro jacquard >, < 3D jacquard > and < photo jacquard >.

Rhythmical expression on fabrics
  CORAL CO., LTD deals with distinctive fabrics featuring lamé, spangles and foils, carving out its own market niche. New items include bold patterned jacquard, shantung and organza; all of which will be showcased for S/S 2014. NIHON HOMESPUN CO., LTD, known as a producer of original tweeds using traditional hand-woven techniques and knowhow will surprise visitors with its further creative tweeds, made with myriad yarns and achieving an innovative feel.

From the Nishiwaki (Banshu) home of textiles
  A set of 5 companies representing the Nishiwaki (Banshu) region, famous for record-breaking cotton yarn-dyed production volume in Japan; OZAWA TEXTILE CO., LTD., KAGEYAMA CO., LTD., KUWAMURA CO., LTD., BON CO., LTD., and MARUMAN INC. OZAWA TEXTILE CO., LTD., is constantly striving to produce optimal and distinctive fabrics by procuring strictly selected materials and ensuring Japan Quality in terms of chromogenicity, finished texture and physical property. Focused efforts to maintain top quality are reflected in < Master Seed Cotton >, made from new and premium extra-long staple cotton, as well as < Linen Top >, a top-dyed pure linen item from France.
Products inspired by the concept of ‘cool, fresh summer’ will go on show this time. KUWAMURA CO., LTD., will present a range using next-generation ecological material, e.g. < Tencel >, highlighting a softness of texture cotton cannot match, while BON CO., LTD. features functional fabrics retaining cool and warm-feel by the specific yarn process technique, < Yarn Processing >.

Dynamic and rhythmical multi-colours
  SHIMADA TEXTILE CO., LTD. will showcase 150 new patterned circular knit jacquard items, featuring wide-ranging mélange aspects of fabric and using soft and glossy Indian cotton in particular, alongside yarn-dyed grandrelle twisted polyester.
TM TEXTILE CO., LTD. deals with original textiles and knits, with an emphasis on prints and a scope ranging from natural to synthetic materials. More than 100 newly launched items, including soft yet crisp knits, will be showcased for S/S 2014.

  Copyright(c) JFW Textile Dev., All Rights Reserved.